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The Cross Hills Copper Project is an Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG)system covering 25 km length of the deep seated Cross Hills Fault, along which significant alteration and mineralization has been discovered. The Company has been working the project since 2018 and has taken the project from having just several mineral showings to one with 9 targets. Drilling has demonstrated the system is fertile with copper and with the 9 targets discovered to date, provides the Company with an attractive risk/reward scenario.

The Project has excellent accessibility with a network of roads and atv trails. It can be worked all year round. The project is also located close to power, with a new powerline, supplied by hydro electric energy, sitting at the northern boundary of the project.

The targets discovered to date

The adjacent image illustrates the different magnetic anomalies idenified on the property. The image combines both airborne and ground surveys.

The anomalies are defined by a combination of geology, alteration and mineralization.

Most of the exploration to date has focused on the the Dunns Mountain Target. The Company has completed detailed magnetic and gravity surveys over the target. Drilling to date, has intercepted low and high grade mineralization. The best mineralized drill core has been located on the eastern flank of the gravity and magnetic anomalies.  Drilling has encountered widely spaced hairline fractures containing copper mineralization as well as narrow high-grade copper, silver and gold. Drilling has confirm the Cross Hills system is fertile with copper.

The Dunns Mountain Target

The image below illustrates combined magnetic (colour) and gravity (contours) over Dunns Mtn target. The dashed area is where the best mineralization to date has been discovered, which sits on the eastern flank of the gravity and magnetic signatures. Additional work to the north, west and south of the drilled area is needed at Dunns.

The high-grade interval was intersected in CH-19-04 wherein 0.43mreturned 14% Cu, 15.8 g/t Au and 352 g/t Ag.  This mineralization sits in a wider zone and the drill hole intersected a number of other mineralized intervals. See table below.

Note, the true width of the zone has not been determined. Bo = bornite, cc = chalcocite, cpy = chalcopyrite, mal = malacite, az = azurite and mag = magnetite.

The high-grade zone has not yet been explained. In Canada’s artic, two IOCG deposits are associated with these types of high-grad pods. At the Sue Dianne deposit, these high-grade pods can be found within several hundred metres of the ore body, while at the NICO deposit these high-grade pods can be up to several kilometres away. Of note, about 1 km south of Dunns Mountain is the Big K target and to the north about 1.5 km is the N Dunns target.

To the south of CH-19-04 and sitting on the flank of the magnetic and gravity anomaly, two drill holes intersected intervals containing widely spaced mineralized hairline fractures. Intervals showing this character ranged from40m to 100m in width. Many times mineralized hairline fractures can be peripheral to IOCG deposits. A


The Big K Target

To the south of Dunns Mountain is the Big K Target (Adjacent Image) It is defined by coincident gravity and magnetic anomalies with a copper-in-soil anomaly. Recent exploration through the area where the copper soil anomaly is located discovered bed rock copper mineralization. This target is drill ready.

The K6 Target

Further south the K6 target is drill ready. This target was drilled back n 2019 where two drill holes targeted the highest magnetic and gravity portions of the target. Drilling interested trace copper mineralization. Subsequent to the drill program a soil program was carried out and a new target area was discovered about 100m to the south the of the previous drilling. The area is defined by moderated magnetic and gravity signatures, copper-in-soil anomaly and bedrock copper mineralization.

Targets being worked to drill stage.

The remaining targets are being worked to the drill stage. Of those two newly discovered targets are large and on the order of 3 by 3 km. These included the N Dunns and Nine Mile targets. Both targets were discovered from an airborne magnetic survey. Since that time, a widely spaced soil program has been completed on both, with copper anomalies becoming apparent. Additional sampling and a gravity survey is needed.

The N Dunns Target

This target is the second largest discovered on the property to date, measuring 3 by 2 km.

An initial soil sampling program has identified areas with copper in soils and additional infill sampling is required. The target is generally covered, however, two copper showings were located on the northern edge of the anomaly.

The Nine Mile target

It's the largest discovered on the project to date, measuirng 4 by 2.5 km. .

Prospecting has discovered disseminated copper mineralization on a number of areas of the property, which is denoted on the following image. Soil sampling program has identified a number of copper anomalies that require additional work.

The target also sits in a complex structural zone which could have aided in fluid movement providing conduits for mineralization.

The target requires additional surface work and a 3D gravity survey to help define areas to drill in a first pass drill program.

The K8 - K9 - K10 target area.

A newly developing area is the K8-K9-K10 target area. These three targets are located in close proximity to each other, with copper in bed rock and soils. Additional magnetics and gravity and geochemical analysis is needed and ongoing to help define drill targets.

This area shows in increase in both iron oxide phases and significant increase in sulphpide content. Mineralization in these targets is generally characterized by chalcopyrite with lesser amounts of bornite and chalcocite. Each of the targets is haloed by a pyrite zone.

Exploration continues on the project to identify additional targets.  

The Company continues to carry out exploration on the project. Much of the southern portion of the project has not been explored in detailed and numberous anomalies remain to be field checked.

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